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Coming To An End
Today is the last and final round in our friendly match between Turkey and Algeria. And here we can really underline the term 'friendly' as there were no scandals, no fights or anything else that could have forced the arbiters to interfere. Fair play as we love it! Also it must be said that all games were fought out until the very last moments, so-called 'Grandmaster draws' did not apply here at all.

Turkey finally won the match by 30-2 match points. A rematch is planned for October 2012 in Algeria.

Ali Marandi – Simply Unstopable…
IMG_2072After his first and last draw in round one, he started marching through the tournament like a high speed train, simply crashing through everybody! It's no surprise that the recently crowned world schools champion is considered to be one of the greatest hopes in Turkish chess. In round 5 he beat Algerian's topseed, Mohamed Haddouche, in a nice tactical display:
Let’s Get The Ball Rolling…
IMG_5999As the headline already tells us, both teams went for a great bowling match at the 'rollhouse' on their free day. Starting with a nice lunch, the women's and men's teams went for a bowling battle, competing in a group of 4 (2 women vs 2 women and 2 men vs 2 men of each team) against each  other. We had a great laugh as the following pictures will show, free day
The Top Scorers Of The Tournament
IMG_5885The friendly match between Turkey and Algeria has reached the halfway stage. Only two players have maximum points; Ege Koksal and Kardelen Cemhan from Turkey with 4/4. However, top seed Mohamed Haddouche of Algeria, has two and a half out of four and is looking very dangerous after regaining his form and winning his last two games in technically impressive style.

But let's have a look:
Nobody Is Perfect
mohamedConsidering the fact that the third round match was another success for both Turkish teams (boys: 3-1; girls: 3,5-0,5), the quality of games, especially regarding the women's match was a rather 'small' disaster. 3,5-0,5 - looks very convincing indeed, but once knowing 'how' some people got their points, you would want to rip your hair out. But let's have a look...
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