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The Top Scorers Of The Tournament
IMG_5885The friendly match between Turkey and Algeria has reached the halfway stage. Only two players have maximum points; Ege Koksal and Kardelen Cemhan from Turkey with 4/4. However, top seed Mohamed Haddouche of Algeria, has two and a half out of four and is looking very dangerous after regaining his form and winning his last two games in technically impressive style.

But let's have a look:

mohamed_Position after 16...Rg8. It is obvious that black  must have done something wrong in the oppening as his king is still caught in the middle and the pawn structure seems to be rather shaky...Time to attack! 17. e5 dxe5 18. fxe5 Nd7losing important time... (18... O-O-O 19. Nc4 Rd5 would have been more resistant...) 19. N4f3 (19. Nc4 is maybe a bit more precise however would force white going into an endgame.. Nxe5 20. Nxe5 Qxe5 (20... fxe5 21. Nf3)
21. Qxe5 fxe5 22. Nxc6 and we reach a technically lost endgame.) 19... Bg6 (19... O-O-O 20. Rad1 Bc5+ 21. Kh1 Bg6) 20. Nc4 Nb6? clearly too slow. Now black will have to face even more severe problems with his pawn structure. (last good moment to go for 20... O-O-O) 21. Nd6+ Bxd6 22. exd6 Qd7 23. c4! strong positional move! Taking controll over d5. (23. Nh4!?) 23... O-O-O 24. a4! white found his target. The totally missplaced knight on b6. I remember that once someone told me that the worst square for a knight in most cases turns out to be either b3 or b6. Looking at this position now I can only agree! Kb7 25. a5 Nc8 26. a6+ Ka8 27. c5 perfectly played! e5 28. Bxe5! again he found the best move in this position. Well that game obviously underlines his class being the highest rated player in the tournament. fxe5 29. Nxe5 Qe6 30. Nxc6 + - And white kept a firm grip on his advantage, finally converting it via a technically winning endgame *
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