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Nobody Is Perfect
mohamedConsidering the fact that the third round match was another success for both Turkish teams (boys: 3-1; girls: 3,5-0,5), the quality of games, especially regarding the women's match was a rather 'small' disaster. 3,5-0,5 - looks very convincing indeed, but once knowing 'how' some people got their points, you would want to rip your hair out. But let's have a look...

Position after 19...Bf5. White is a piece up however her queen and knight is hanging. What to do? 20. Nd7? Lucky to be not present at such moments, I would certainly suffer a heart attack! (20. Ng4! and black has nothing better than resigning!) 20... Bxd7 21. Bd2? totally losing the plot... (21. Bg5 Qd4 22. Bg2 Qxd3 (22... Rab8 23. Qg3 + -) 23. Rxd3 Bf5 24. Bxa8 Bxd3 (24... Rxa8 25. Bf6 white is better) 25. cxd3 Rxa8 26. Bf6 + - ) 21... Bf5 and black remains with two extra pawns. Those who believe that our story is atually ending here, are far away from the truth...*

Another shocking example... position after 36..e4. Black has only one minute left on her clock... 36...Kd7? What an unlucky fellow! (36...Nd7! and black would sooner or later win the game...) 37. e5 Na8?? the last deceisive blunder... (37... Rxh3 38. exd6 Kxd6 39. Rb5 Rh4 and the game would likely be a draw in the end...) 38. exd6 Rb1 39. Nc5+ Kxd6 40. Nxb7+ 1-0
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